Monday, August 30, 2010

Tribute to Fatherhood Week

 It takes two - a man and a woman - to form a whole.
-Richard G Scott

As both our birthdays and wedding anniversary are near christmas the Mr and I often don't get nice (read expensive) presents for eachother. We either get something small or go without and have dinner somewhere together instead.

Lately I've been getting a little spoilt for Mothers Day. It is away from all family birthdays and The Mr takes the girls shopping alone and they get to choose one gift each (knew I had all these kids for a reason ;)

This tribute is about just how very different from me the Mr is. And why that is needed in the parenting of our children. His style in most things is different from mine.

So my one nice gift for this year was a bottle of  Michael Kors - Very Hollywood Perfume.

Now the Mr had a scent in mind - vanilla

I said just go buy some $5 vanilla body spray or something (in our previous discussions of 'what scent' should be my new 'scent') but no he goes into the Shops and

Has two ladies helping him
They get out 'ingredient' lists to help him sort out which perfumes contain vanilla
(I'll show my naiveity that I didn't even know those existed)
He works it down to about 8 purfumes.
After much perusal and discussion and help from the purfume ladies he has it down to the one he wants

Now I would NEVER in a million years do this.

And I used to work in retail! for several years!

I purposely never shop in high end stores where people help you. It freaks me out.

And that is why I love this man. He does the hard yards. He does the homework on purchases. He'll talk to ladies for half an hour about which purfume he should buy his wife. My other half - my better half!

And thats why he gets socks for fathers day!

Cause I certainly ain't getting shop assistants to help me

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Motherboard said...

You two make an awesome couple!

My friend is coming to Australia on a singing tour... I'll have to hook you two up!

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