Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foam Bath

This post from filth wizardry had me amazed. She must win for best bathroom craft :) I love that her kids are using scissors in the bath!! Dangerous yes, but it appeals to the rebel in me. Add learning spelling and maths in the bath? good idea!

The day I read that post I just happened to have some craft foam! I've never bought it before and saw 5 sheets in a bag for $2 and snapped some up.

So these 5 sheets of foam kept the girls and the neighbour busy for 2 hours after I showed them what the girls over at Filth Wizardry did. Imagination is limitless with this idea. I had 3 older girls cutting and G was telling them things she wanted and was helping place the pieces. N made them all angry by pulling down what they were sticking up, so she got booted out of the bathroom real quick.

We've kept some of the pieces but a few have been tossed away. Too many small bits.

For a few hours entertainment the price was a bargain.

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Felicity said...

oh my goodness I LOVE THIS!! I pretty much squealed in delight when I first this post and we literally jumped in the car and burned out to the shops to get foam. This kept up going for HOURS yesterday (but we did the cutting at the table first ;) thanks for the FANTASTIC idea!!

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