Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tagging Along

I'm so excited

♥ I'm totally in love ♥

I'm in lurve with my tag along bike trailer

Its awesome.

Well given, I haven't ridden up any hills yet (I dont think I will ever be able to)

and I had a very sore buttocks after the first  few rides


Its so much fun!!

Cruisin' with my line of girlies behind me (or in front)

and lots of people stare at us. and smile. and giggle. and wave.

Miss G likes to yell out hello hello and wave to them like she's the queen.

She's also taken to barking like a dog while in there. She's very convincing.
Has lots of chats with all the puppy's we meet along our way.

There are about 3 parents who have trailers at school. It's like we're a bikie gang. First day I turned up one of them examined and compared my trailer. Checking it out. He also noticed I hadn't pumped the tires.. (dah - no wonder that first ride was hard! )  He pumped them up for me and tightened some bolts. So we chat each day over our bikes leaning against the wall.

Yeah I'm cool like that.

Miss N loves to ride in it. When at home she spends half the day crawling back to the trailer to sit in it for fun. She jumps and smiles sitting there - I think baby talk for - take me for another ride!!

Miss G also took a lovely series of about 100 photos of the trip home one day. This photo made me think - yep need to keep riding. Lots and lots of riding might improve me. Just keep riding.. Just keep riding..

Kids perspective  - really puts it into perspective ;) Poor things...


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Fun! Even through a kid's perspective. ;) Gotta love it!

hello*lucky*holly said...

Wow Bobbie! That looks so fun! Would love one of those but need a bike for moi first :-)

Felicity said...

I LOVE those bike trailers and riding with the kids (although it's been a while :) looks like lots of fun....and that last shot cracked me up!!

ps) my sisters friend made the harry potter robe (is that what you call it :)It's awesome!!

Felicity said...

I just looked at the photos again - LOVE IT!!!!

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