Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tribute to Fatherhood Week

Winter PJ's he stole from me. Yeah I used to wear oversized jumpers in the 90's - what can I say

The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

I know a few people are participating in a read  The Book of Mormon  by Christmas challenge.

Our ward is doing this too.

I go through phases with my scripture reading.
I've tried many different ways. Some wins, some fails.

My latest one is one of my favourites.

The Mr has read me a chapter outloud each night.

Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I follow along, sometimes we have a discussion.

One night as I was nodding off he even started adding in extra words trying to catch me out.

I was thinking in my slowly descending into sleep head - that doesn't sound right, yet I didn't say anything. He then says 'Are you listening? I'm adding in crazy words and you aren't noticing'. I said I noticed, I thought it sounded weird  *drools on pillow*

To all the guys that read this (I only know of my brother and the Mr!)  this is hot

I ♥  being read to in bed

He must really love me! And he's helping me accomplish something I might not otherwise be able to at this point in my life. Helping me keep my spirituality alive helps me keep it alive in the girls when I read the scriptures with them.

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SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I agree, being read to is very hot...and I might add, being sung to as well (no amazing voice required)....mmmm love it!

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