Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Compulsively Clicking - Edited

Of course its only fair if I've asked you to link my blog that I link the blogs I love too.

So a round up of some of the blogs I've enjoyed reading this year.

And I need more addictions in my life, so if you've got a favourite blog do tell me about it!

CJane @  CJane Enjoy it

Pretty much everyone knows who CJane is but I love this blog.  If any of you know of a similar blog tell me cause her daily posts are NOT ENOUGH. When I first started reading blogs it was mainly craft and mummy type stuff but I now prefer the written prose type blog more. I love her wit and I enjoy all the photos of her (which is why you might notice an abundance of photos of me on mine - I've found I connect better to blogs who show photos of the writer (as opposed to just their kids like most blogs- Hopefully you all dont think I just love myself)

I love how she believes in bringing the fun to her. From hosting concerts, to having guest speakers speak in her home, to endless dinner parties, to public speaking, to fine dining, to testimony meetings in her home, to inviting singers to her home to entertain her friends. How much fun can one have!

 Holly @  Hello Lucky Holly

Maybe it's the whimsical nature, the design,the homewares, the pretty eyecandy, or things that just make me reminisce  but I just love this blog .
Her short snippets of life inspire me and make me happy.
Hopefully her luck will rub off on me!

Recently made public you should read it too!

Amanda @ SouleMama

Another popular blog but boy I wish I had soulemama's life. How she makes living simple such a desire of mine! To knit and sew and own a rambling farmhouse in the woods and cook from scratch surrounded by the children playing with the sweetest toys ever. Ahhh such a life. This blog makes me yearn. Big Time.

She has great advice on living simple. Enjoying the small things. Creating traditions with your family. And she takes great photos too.

Montserrat@ Chocolate on my Cranium

I love her LDS real life based blog. Her homeschooling. All those daughters. Life on working Farm. Wife of a bishop. Her sewing skills. Her gentle ways.

I noticed the other day that she has been commenting on my blog for over 2 years! She must have been one of the first real (not my friend or acquaintance in real life) commenters.

Carli @ Carli's Clan

Flowers. Poetry. Kids. Book reviews. Simple Pleasures. I dont know her, but I know some of her friends and some of her family.  Small degrees of separation in this church no?

Stephanie @ nienie dialogues

I'm sure everyone reads this one! One of the very first blogs I started to read over 3 years ago. I've back read all her archives too. I found much inspiration here all those years ago and started to look at my mothering in a different and much better light.

Lenore @ Free Range Kids

How could I forget this one? My favourite blog to read and I read all the comments too! This blog has helped me get in charge of my kids childhood. Removed some fear. Bought me BACK TO REALITY. Tells you the truth behind our fears for our kids.  Anyway bit of a controversial one but I love it.

so people tell me your favourites!
I need more blogs for my igoogle blog roll.
I do have more than this but these are just some of my favourites.

Compulsively clicking into 2011

Honourable mentions to

The Artful Parent


Crazyland - Tales from the Motherboard

Filth Wizardry

Sycamore Stirrings 

I originally loved her for Muffin Tin Monday ( I should get back to doing that! Its been a while- and it was always good) but now I just love her life in Luxemburg and her crafty little life


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The only one you mentioned I haven't heard of is Lucky Holly!

I like to read Giverslog for fun gift giving and wrapping inspiration (

and My Heart Squared ( Darla's family is exactly opposite of mine - 7 boys and one girl in the same order as mine too! I like reading her posts as she writes what she has been studying and pondering and what she has learned from every day life.

katy said...

aw shucks, you are the sweetest.

I spent an hour or so the other day reading CJane. She ooozes personality and her energy does pop off the screen. Going to check out the rest on your list. xo

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