Monday, January 10, 2011

The Birthday

Once upon a time it was our birthday weekend.

You know we share everything here.

I've become to really enjoy having our birthdays together. We mix and take, share and give. I can have a little of his birthday he can have a little of mine. Cake on this day or that day, dinner out on his - yet I think of it as mine.

It's become to represent our marriage to me. Two people, separate yet entwined.  A little time for myself yet thinking of him in the next breath. A time to be pampered and spoilt yet an opportunity to give at the same time.

I was telling someone at church it was my birthday and they were like "No.. isn't it (The Mr's) birthday?" I explained that we are a day apart. Then they said "OH! You two are JUST MEANT TO BE!"  lol lol.

We started our Birthday Weekend with a girls night for me and a boys movie night for him.

Separate parties :)

Except all 6 of his friends couldn't make it and then he got the car bogged on the way to the movies and had to miss the session and he came home all sad looking. Poor thing. So he had to look after all the kids at my girls night instead. Everyone now..... nawwwwwwwww

The only photo of girls night. No faces to protect our identities :)

What happens at girsl night stays at girls night. Last year I really enjoyed my girls night on the back deck chatting till the late hours. Why mess with a good idea. So I decided to do the same this year. I think I'll continue this tradition on too. The friday night nearest my birthday invite a few girlies over. Just to sit and chat and eat chocolate. So much fun, so easy, pretty stress free.

The next day I woke with huge headache, sore throat, and sick :( 

but one has gots to party on. Its our birthday weekend after all.

Our afternoon date started with The Mr saying

ooooo  I'll even be able to open the car door for you.

Because each of us usally has a little one to buckle into a seat on opposite sides of the car he doesn't often get to do this and he likes to do it. It is so sweet when we are able to go out and he opens the car door.

Walking hand in hand around town reminds me about my blog post about what I think was our last two dates (sad that we only went on two last year!)

He shares with me his new found ephiphany on popcorn.

It shouldn't be called popcorn and movies. As usually the kids have eaten all the popcorn long before the movie starts. Popcorn and Ad's it should be called he states. I'm sure he'll do a blog post about it

Well this time we had the extra large large popcorn so for the first time ever (and no kids to munch it all) the popcorn made it far past the ads and previews. So there goes that theory....

I had a terrible headache and sore throat so afterwards that we didn't end up eating dinner out (plus I was full from all that popcorn - I am the cheapest date ever really. - another reason why he loves me so.) We have never been to a Max Brenners so we just perused the shop and menu. Just looking at all that chocolate was enough for us. IT made me smile just to look at it.

My first 3D movie and I've deemed them no good. I'm a fidgeter and find it hard to sit still in upright position. I tuck my legs under me, I swap sides etc. I put my legs over the Mr's lap, I lean, I move. (Am I the most annoying person ever? I also talk lots and ask questions in movies ~ and I had lots of questions for him in TRON)  I'm a snuggler too so while all leant over the MR every time I put my head on his shoulder my 3D glasses went skew. MOST ANNOYING. Thats it.. 3D is not conducive to the way I sprawl out everywhere and constantly move around. The MR finds 3D annoying with his glasses. The only reason we went 3D was it wasnt available in 2D nearly anywhere. So please movie theatres take my advice... I want 2D back thankyouverymuch.

My birthday dawns and goes downhill fast. Lucky I stole The Mr's birthday.

He leaves home 6:45 am. We don't see him most of the day. Miss N gets a fever and gets really sick and grumpy. The day is full of messy house, sick kid, no presents and no love shown me from my older girls. I knew the Mr would be home for one hour in total. (He told people 'I must leave for an hour to go home to cook the dinner I promised my wife for her birthday' ... nawww) I couldn't wait to put all the kids in bed and sit and read a book or go on the computer.

But he comes home cooks a delish meal. Gives his regrets for not attending the meeting and stays home with us. The older girls and I sit and do pedicures with our feet in the footspa. We sit and chat and paint (with Miss N painting half the floor that made for an emergency freakout on how to get nailpolish off the floor) The girls deliver me a small chocolate turkish delight on a plate to enjoy while my feet soak.

What started as a terrible day ended perfectly.

And this is why everyone should have a birthday weekend.

Never let the party stop.

No cake this year.
Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream made by a friend for my birthday.
The Mr didn't even get any or any candles. Well there's always next year.


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I agree about the 3D movie thing...I am so over it! I have the glasses issue too, but also the price bugs me. Michael and I went to take the kids to the movies at Nerang, it is super cheap....but every single movie we wanted to watch was in 3D, turning it into super expensive! we didn't end up going.

PS, Happy Birthday to you and Ken!! :) :)

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

PS...I didn't notice your sandals them!!

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