Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm going to start a dream diary.

I have so many dreams. But I always forget them!

I've found the more I'm woken in the night, the more I dream.

You must dream at certain times in a sleep cycle and if you're continually going in and out you have more dreams? Or just the ability to remember them?

I'm usually woken 1-2 times a night. When N was teething or sick she was waking sometimes 5 times a night. And I would lie in bed thinking about the dream I was just woken from.

Sometimes I felt tired just from all the dreams I was having.

I watched an interesting show about dreams the other day.

Why we have them, why they are needed, what they tell us.

The guy said 'dreams tell alot more than people think.'  He was able to predict what would happen to some people just by reading the dream diaries they were asked to keep. He said dreams really do reflect more about your life than just being random thoughts.

I get all excited lying in bed in the dark thinking over my dreams and how I'm gonna tell the Mr in the morning about this or that dream.

Of course in the morning I remember the lying there thinking about not being able to tell the MR

But then I don't remember the dream!!

So I'm getting a book. And writing them down.

Start complining all the different versions I have of that 'repetitive doing things over and over' dreams I have.

Here are just a few dreams I've compiled in the last 2 weeks. These are just the ones I remember in the morning. I KNOW I have more, but can't remember (cause I haven't put that dream diary next to my bed yet)

Last night  I was on a boat.  On a course going around and around. I'd left a bag of clothes behind at a beach and wanted them back.

Last night we were staying in/had moved to  a new town. I had gone out with the girls are now we were randomly driving everywhere, nearly every street because we had forgotten where our house was! We figured out the 'direction' in which we thought our house was and had to drive around and around trying to find it.

Last night I ws at a new years celebration. We rode our bike there and had a mattress with us for some reason. We left the bike and mattress at the top of the hill (I suppose where you're meant to leave them) went down to a place that had a big slide type thing and you ahd to slide down and grab a piza as you slid by. At the end of the night we went back to our bikes to find that it and the mattress had been stolen. we were very mad.

Dreamt I had to make an important call to a kindy to ensure my daughter had enrollment. I was trying to send a text that contained a bunch of info. I kept repeatedly typing things in on the text and things kept going wrong. Not right letter, the text wouldnt send, scrolling thru constantly (think I  have phone issues since I dont even have a mobile?) Repeatedly moving my fingers on the screen madly hoping to get a text through. What a silly dream!

I had another phone dream. (I must get myself a phone obviously!) I just couldnt work the thing. Very repetitive.

Here's to dreams. Hopefully some good ones.

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