Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More White Coming up

Yesterday we held a little "baptism photo shoot" to get a photo for invitations for the upcoming event.

My advice to anyone with a kid getting baptised: Take photos BEFORE the day.

When Miss K was baptised we went to take photos of her and her dress two days beforehand and I was so glad. The day is so full of looking after visitors, housecleaning, making sure all 6 members of our family look presentable, getting to the church on time, family, friends, food preparation etc it was so hard to take photos (well as many photos as I wanted to). For once the dress is wet - it will be a while before you can photograph it again.

I'll be doing the same once we get Miss A's dress. Makes for a much less stressful day.
 (she borrowed her sisters' for the invitation photos)

My mother apologises to me  that she is sorry there is no baptism photo of me in my white dress. Only an after photo in a regular dress. She said she was so stressed on the day she forgot to take a photo!

Miss A has had her discussions and lessons with the missionaries and is excited about her choice.


Felicity said...

lovely photos! I love seeing sweet little girls dressed in {one} of their white dresses!

And your advice is perfect. How did I not realise this after Rylan's baptisim??? We got a couple of pictures outside and by the font, but the ones with me were kina rushed.....oh I'm already invisioning the photo shoots with Zahn......hahahaha!

Calamity Cookie said...

Just hope I remember to do this when Miss C gets baptised next years!

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