Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Can you read this?

I've just realised we have a tradition that I didn't realise was a tradition.

Each month on the same day The Mr calls the girls together and measures their height and weight.

He's a big nerd and collects it all in exel which gives you graphs and spread sheets.

The girls love it.

This week we had an extra special celebration when it was announced that Miss G had reached 100!!

100cm. 1 metre. FINALLY!!

I wish I had known of this idea before my 3rd child. I think it is an excellent way to celebrate turning 100cm. One  metre of cupcakes and crown. So special!! I feel bad if I start traditions late and the older two have missed out. I might still do it though, great idea for celebrating a special milestone.

We try to make a positive statements about growing strong and healthy. It was hilarious when she ran around the room shouting FIFTEEN! FIFTEEN! I"M FIFTEEN!! (she'd reached 15 kg too)

Now we're not obsessive about weight here (I don't weigh myself) and we never talk of it, apart from reminding them what foods give you good energy, so hopefully this won't have a negative impact as they grow older. At the moment they love it and it was born out of necessity. Possibly we'll just go with height and not weight as it becomes a more sensitive issue as the girls grow.

We don't have anywhere we can leave pencil markings of height that will come with us when we move. For a few years we made markings on the side of a filing cabinet, but worried if and when its retired, we would lose our precious memories.

When my two older girls were born I went to a fijian indian doctor. She would just squeeze their chubby cheeks (they had huge ones) and bounce them in her arms and deem them healthy. No weighing, no measuring. While this suits my ideals and she gave me the courage to know that I was doing well as their mother and didn't need any nitpicking, I missed out on something. I have no details of their heights and weights or how they grew or what percentile they were in etc. This was one of the reasons by our 3rd child The Mr wanted to start recording his own numbers.

It's fun to see how many centimetres they grow each month (not much in this short family) and how they often won't grow, but will put a kg on, then the next month they will grow but not put any weight on.

Numbers can be fun.

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SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I love it!...we have hardly any record of our kids growth - rentals and everything...and the height charts kept getting ripped by the kids!

Will start something this week!


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