Monday, April 4, 2011

Girls can do ANYTHING...

Girls Girls Girls. Aint the Mr a lucky man.

I had a weird neighbour run in this week.

Miss G has taken a liking to visiting the bikie house 3 doors up from us. (yeah don't ask)

There is an old lady there with a cute dog etc that she talks to.

So I go up there to fetch G and am introduced to another neighbour across the road  3 doors up

Now bear in mind I have NEVER MET her nor ever SEEN her before.

She comes barralling down the stairs saying (the very first words ever spoken between us)

B. I worked for a gynacologist for 20 years. You and your husband have girls because you both eat an alkaline diet. You need to go on this special diet for atleast 3 months. You must wear a condom for three months and then at the end of the time you will 97% chance fall pregnant with a boy.

I make embarrassed comments about how we are finished with our family thankyouverymuch. I'm fine with all daughters, wouldn't YOU feel sorry for THAT boy to be born after THESE girls??

She rushes off to find a pen and paper and comes back with a book recommendation and a fertility clinic to attend. She says you only need one boy (she herself has two daughters and a son), B she says, Listen. I know what I'm talking about. You need to get onto this.

I make more comments on, thank you but my husband is too old to have more kids ;) 4 is it for me, don't you think that's enough!!

She adamantly passes over the paper and says Go to the library tomorrow and get that book out. Photocopy the relevant pages as the book is $30.  97% success rate! She herself did it to get her son 28 years ago blah blah. Like in my face not accepting my rebuffs and treating me like I don't believe this amazing knowledge that is being placed right in front of me.

And then she was gone.

umm Okay. Nice to meet you too.

Now I don't deny that all those facts are true. They probably are. I have heard of that method before and have even had a little read about it. However I'm pretty sure plenty of people who eat the same diet as their husband still have both boys and girls. Why should my husband and I be so 'afflicted' according to her.

When the Mr came home hours later I told him what transpired when I met a new neighbour. We were both laughing so hard. People in this street must talk about us for her to know so much about me ;) The lady in common up there always thinks I have 5 girls (because I babysit another neighbour) so I can just imagine what they've said about me and this gaggle of girls I have.

Most of the time it doesn't bother me that I have all daughters. In fact I like it. I do sometimes feel sorry for the MR to be outnumbered, but hey it's not like you can choose these things (well apparently you can according to the lady up the street) I like that it also feels so balanced. All girls. They all share. The same stuff. The same room. Sure they are all different in personalities but they are also like a cohesive collective in my mind now. I'm happy with equal girl numbers.

You never know what's instore for your life. My mother did the old girl boy girl boy, my mother in law had The Mr and 3 girls, then went on to have the 3 boys last. I always assumed I would be similar. An even mix. I wasn't too sad with each girl I had, but I did see my chances for a son dwindling significantly!

So why did her comments affect me so?

Last night in the dark I leant over to The MR in bed and whispered "We'll have Grandsons, right?"


And he hugged me and said 'everything will be fine'

*I've got a great book and clinic recommendation if anyone wants it :)


Felicity said...

You know I've got 6 sisters (no brothers) and I LOVE being in a family with all girls (now that we're grown up hehe) and don't lament too'll gain 4 son in laws one day :)!

Cindy said...

I had the same experience in a shopping aisle where this lady came up and started telling me how to have a girl. I only had 2 boys at the time. I thought it was sweet and amusing that they thought it was so important to have both. I figure you get what Heavenly Father gives you.

The Sugar Fairy said...

I'd like to hear her explanation of boy/girl twins haha. There are some rather interesting people around!

Bindi said...

I am laughing so hard. Thank you for a great morning blog read.

Sarah said...

My parents tell me their ward erupted into spontaneous applause after Sam's birth was announced at the pulpit!

It's weird how people think you "must" have at least 1 of each!

I love having 4 sisters. I love having a brother too, but there's something special about sisters.

Sometimes I feel for Maeve, that she'll never have a sister (this shop is s.h.u.t).

My mum always says at least she'll know her daughters will look after her in her old age!

Anonymous said...

I have 4 boys and one girl (right in the middle). My daughter still hopes for a sister and I would love to have another girl. Maybe I will look that book up if we ever decide to have another child, though right now 5 children is crazily busy! bOys are very different to raise than girls. I am trying to raise good future husbands and fathers and son in laws.....

Karyn said...

Some parents are born to be parents. Heaps of energy, loads of fun to be around, enjoys people etc. You are one of those. If I gave you $$100,000 would you have another baby? ........ If you paused a little and thought about taking the money, then perhaps you are not so sure after all. I know for sure that a million still would not have me falling pregnant again. Now..... you still have a bit of spare time because you still manage to regularly update your blog! Food for thought! Love Karyn

Amanda said...

I came from a family of 3 girls and no boys and I loved it!! Wouldn't have chosen any different. And my mom is one of 3 girls as well! I would be perfectly happy with all girls, but I know my husband would love to have a boy to teach about cars... haha. No kiddos yet, so we'll see what happens! :)

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