Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon Outings

Infinity/eternity/cosmos/galaxy box at GOMA

Did I tell you that I picked the girls up early from school to see a movie! A movie! I felt terrible for encouraging wagging. Our Tuesday afternoon outings are going great. (except for this week because the sickies are going through this house) We've been to a few places and had good times!

The girls wanted to see Gnomeo and Juliet. I said I would check the times.

2:25.  Hello. Just great. Encourage skipping school, or upset the kids?

So I said I would pick them up from school early and tell the office they had a family appointment.

Which it was, no?

I get to K's classroom and the teacher yells out in front of everyone..
'I just wanna know which movie you're going to see!!'

Embarrassment. Big Time.

Kids just can not keep a secret can they?

But she was cool with it. She said family excursions are fine, even if they butt into school time occassionally. She said if only all children had a mother like you. (oh how kind)

I made sure I included some literary refences on how the cartoon differed from the real Romeo and Juliet. You know to make up for skipping school and all.

Next time I go I'm gonna ask how they transport these artworks.. this thing was huge.
(Recycled Shopping bags)

Last week we went to the Gallery of Modern Art (Goma) and loved it. There are so many interactive exhibits there at the moment. Which is so fun. But sometimes confuses the little ones on why they were allowed to touch the previous piece but not the next.

This wall of wishes got me thinking. I touched and read through as many as the girls would allow me time for. You were allowed to take one ribbon to keep. According to the brazillian artist (tradition)  if you tie it on and wear it, when it finally breaks and falls off your wish will be granted.

At first I was happy because I wished for none of them. The wishes are based on wishes people around the world have made at the exhibit. You write a wish and put it in the hole where you take another wish from. He then uses those wishes to print more for the next exhibit.

It made me think I have a pretty good life. And that many people out there have sadnesses and longings and desires unmet. That made me sad. I hope by acknowledging these wishes that they were in positions to instigate change in their lives.

Then I thought I must be boring, because I don't even wish for the funny or lighthearted ones. I've got serious issues I tell you! Reminded me of my I don't do favourites post.

I loved that my girls found a lost wish on the ground "I wish for a more loving family" and tried to return it to a gallery worker (they were strictly told only ONE WISH each, and saw some high school students trying to sneak more into their pockets get in trouble) the gallery worker said they could keep it. But they didn't want it. We already have a loving family, why would we wish for that?

And my heart melts.

Cause heaven knows we need more love and less squabbles around here.
(maybe I should have grabbed THAT ONE for my wish??)

What did they wish for?

I wish I could teleport
I wish Dr Who was real

And to their surprise what wishes did they find to choose?

I wish I could make a time portal
I wish I could have a pet
I wish I was a mermaid

I wish I could travel in time and space.
(picked for daddy, which I suppose ended up being my wish as I didn't choose one)

 Phew. Lucky they didn't see this one ;)

Perhaps I should have taken the "I wish for world peace" one. Or the "I wish for a long and healthy life" These were the two that appealed to me most I suppose.

Favourites of the afternoon were

this slide (you had to be 110cm to ride much to G's disappointment) and I never did get to read the artists description of this piece. I think he/she was pushing the limits and just wanted to install an awesome rideable piece in an art gallery to get the stiffs to loosen up ;)

this balloon room which gave us awesome static hair

and the pool room

Any other ideas for our Tuesday afternoon activity?


likeschocolate said...

What an amazing art exhibit!

Jalula said...

I loved the infinity room. I wish there were one close to me here. I love reading your posts and keeping up even though I hardly leave comments:)

Anonymous said...

They are amazing exhibits, we'll have to go.
What a good idea to take time off school to do fun things! hmmm

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