Friday, November 11, 2011

Lucky 13

One of our engagement party photos

It's the 13th anniversary of our proposal.

I don't think we really remembered or celebrated it in any way the first few years of marriage but over the years we've started to give a slight nod to the importance of the day. It helps that it's Remembrance day. Remember to remember :)

This morning I said

Happy Proposal Day Anniversary darling

to which the Mr replied:

ahh If only I knew what those small words would turn into.

He talked about cause and effect and how he could never fortell from those words what was to come.

We sat at the breakfast table with our children around and he said

Look at what has become of us. Look what those words have blossomed into to.

My heart melted.

all day I've been pondering on, our words - as things that grow. Its reminded me to watch my words, chose carefully and purposefully that my words grow and blossom into positive things. Many a word can produce a negative bloom.

We actually celebrate two proposal days.

The one where The Mr could just no longer contain his feelings for me and the words just splurted right out

Will you marry me?

and In two weeks we'll visit the place he 'formally proposed' ring and all.

This week I joked, do you think the new owners/occupiers of your old house would mind if we knocked on their door and said

Hi, My husband proposed to me in this house 13 years ago, in that room over there, do you mind if we come in and reminisce??

We laughed at how shocked those people would be and think we were kinda weird...

So until 2 weeks, were we can celebrate and reminisce in a public place....

Because strangers probably don't take too kindly to random people wanting to come in and take over their bedroom.

Where did you get engaged?


chibbylick said...

In the Fern House at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, 14 Jan 1994 (only 16 days after he came home from the mish), getting my ring took a few more days... Long time ago now!

Anonymous said...

So romantic. Like you, there were two places. I believe the first "I will" was in a Volvo on the way to Toronto. The official with ring and all was Christmas day.

Montserrat said...

Congrats on just a great milestone!

Where did I get engaged? In the laundry room of my apartment building at Ricks College. He was helping me fold my blankets and sheets. Romantic, no? LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that photo, you guys look exactly the same still! way to go!
Esben proposed to me in the temple. He stumbled a bit over the words, but lucky I knew what he was trying to say, and said yes before he could change his mind!
We went and got a lovely $5 plastic ring from Target straight away, which I wore with pride until I got the real thing!

Wilson Family said...

Oh Bobbie! I found you again! I've missed you- when are you coming to visit me?
To get back on track, that photo is amazing, you really do look the same!
Dustin proposed to me at the lake by my house THE same night we had gone to out look at rings.

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