Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nativity Induced Laughter and Nativity Induced OCD

my true love gave to me..... A Nativity Set for playing/displaying

Have I told you how much I love Nativity sets? {um yes... only a million times!} Last year I decided December 1st would be our Nativity Day. We set our tree up on the first monday night in December so this gives us something to do while waiting and I like that it has become our first focus for the season. Nativity Sets out first to remind us what we really should be thinking about.

They are one of my favourite things about Christmas and I love to see my kids play with them.

The figurines from Nativity sets are some of the most played with things at our house during Christmas. I would totally leave them out all year, if I didn't think the novelty would wear off and that it would degrade part of the joy of Christmas.

That's the fun part of boxing stuff away and getting it out once a year. ~ Just opening the boxes I got out of the roof yesterday was like a christmas in itself for the girls.

Most of my nativities are under $10 or $20 {so it's ok if they happen to break - It has happened once} The Fisher Price kids one was the most expensive. Not many stores sell Nativity so when they do I like to thank them and sometimes purchase one. The little ones make great gifts for Visiting Teaching or for other people who would appreciate it.

I think I giggle nearly everyday during December because of Nativity Induced Laughter.

I find little groupings of wisemen and shepherds seemingly deep in conversation

I find Camels on the roof of nativities where the star or angel should be

I find baby Jesus tucked away in quiet spots

I have to stop children from bringing figurines in handbags where ever we go

I've had the wisemen with signs stuck on them

I swear it sometimes seems those figurines are alive {when I'm not looking} they are always on the move, always conspiring in different corners of my home.

It's so fun.

Except for my Nativity Set Induced OCD { where I cannot rest or go to bed unless I know all nativity pieces are in their correct spots!} These means sometimes alot of searching for moved/lost pieces. However for the most part I love having several sets around the house for my kids to play with.

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Mr Francis said...

I have looked for the Fisher and Price one every year Bobby but I always seem to miss out - just the other day I was walking through KMart and they had a whole bunch so I snaffled one IMMEDIATLEY!!!!! And I'm loving that the kids can play with their own - because, unlike you, I'm not kind enough to let them TOUCH, EVER, my nativity set!!! heheehe. I am loving your Christmas posts so much - this is my go-to spot to find some awesome Christmas ideas - you are amazing!

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