Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sleeping Under the Tree

my true love gave to me... sleeping under the tree.

The kids have done this tradition for years. But The Mr and I have only joined them for the last two. {we were usually tucked away in the only room with aircon- while they sweated it out}

I am still loving this cool weather. Last night we were able to drag all our bedding out to the lounge room and snuggle up together to watch a movie and sleep under the tree!

We even had hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream.

and friends dropped randomly by with a plate of treats!!

It's kinda fun to have a sleepout together. We don't do it often at all.

Obviously because Miss G thought it so funny she said

"I've NEVER seen your bed NAKED!"

(ie shes never seen our matress off the base and she thought our room looked weird)

After a sleep by the glow of the lights on the tree we woke to pancakes by Daddy.

Love traditions like these.

{I always feel obligated to not portray a perfect life on my blog ~ I feel sad when I read perfect mcperfect blogs and think how come my lifes not like that?? So I'll share with you that our kids jumped around {from the tv cabinet onto all mattresses} ALOT, were crazy, someone spilled their entire cup of hot chocolate everywhere, fights, and even someone wet the bed as soon as they fell asleep! gah!}

But that's what Christmas is all about right?  Family fights togetherness :)

But when they were all asleep and the twinkle lights all aglow.
My heart could barely contain itself.


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

You made some beautiful memories for them....a special Christmas gift.

Francis Family said...

hahaha Bobbie - love that you're a 'normal' family - you make me laugh and giggle and yet feel all warm inside too! Thanks so much for sharing all these Christmas ideas - your blog has become my go-to place for having a more sacred Christmas - I LOVE your ideas! You are so AWESOME! xxx

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