Monday, February 13, 2012

and I fell off a waterfall...

It's my birthday and all I got was this huge gash to the head...

Well Ok not really. The day started out like this:

Where she received all her desired gifts : Sunglasses, watch, hat, mini book reading light and bra's!

Then a morning shopping with mum to spend birthday money and to buy new shiny kids high heels for church. Then off to lunch at the children's favourite place of Sizzlers...

But the day ended like this:

and 7 hours in Emergency.

The poor little darling today is sore and tired and says 'she feels like grandma and it hurts to bend over {we've since talked that she will now have more compassion for old people and her grandma that has a sore back}shes got a nice headache and wants to lay down all day.

A walk with friends to a waterfall shes been to several times ended with her slipping on some moss/algae and falling 5 metres off said waterfall. Friends mother carried her all the way back down the path and bought her home and we took her up to the hospital. Her Dr was very nice and looked after her really well she said. He even called home at 11pm to check on her.

She had large bruising to her back and hip, a few scrapes and a 6cm gash to the top of her head where afterwards the doctors said they could see her skull and it was bruised.

She did say a few times.. why did this have to happen on my birthday?

We told her she is lucky she is alive with no broken bones and that it'll make her 9th birthday one she will never forget xx


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

OMG poor little soul.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Oh no! Poor girl. What a way to end the day. Hope she mends quickly!

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