Friday, November 16, 2012

Clutter. Christmas I blame you.

I love christmas

no surprise to anyone really

BUT I'm starting to get that anxiety, deep breathing, eye twitching itch of craziness that hits me this time of year.

Where in I hate my tiny house - 7 people here effectively living in what feels like a 2 bdr apartment.

Wherein everyday I curse the lack of
study, sewing room, craft room, storage, and wish for large areas in which to decorate

my cupboard is bulging and can barely close due to gifts
I have homemade christmas presents half made skulking around the place
The makings for a pinata on top of the piano
Kits for a christmas bunting class also a top the piano
The makings for 3 advent calendars floating here and there and everywhere
The regular toys that make me question buying more!?!
Christmas Grocery Items and gingerbread house kits on kitchen benches
70 class gifts in a bag in my way

stashes under beds
 a top of bookshelves
on the piano
on the tiny computer desk
a messy kitchen table everyday
walking sideways to get to areas!?!

The one depressing downside to Christmas in my house


and I haven't even started baking yet or crafting with the kids.

I can't stand a cluttered dining table so it is cleared every day... but where to put the stuff!?!

Normally I love my cozy house but this time of year makes me wish that I was getting a proper large house with places for everything from santa

I've been a good girl... I promise.

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