Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Class Gifts

The downside of blogging about seasonal items is having it all done well ahead of time to share.

I've had these little eggs on my mind for weeks but been so busy I only finished them today.

I've blogged these easy felt eggs before here  HERE

Cut an egg shape out of felt. {I created a cardboard template to trace around}

Fold the egg in half and make a little cut in the middle.
Use this cut to cut a zig zag in the middle of the egg
But DO NOT cut all the way through.
It is just to make a slit to pop a treat in

Now cut another egg out of felt a little bigger than the first egg {like 1/2 a cm bigger all around}

Sew around the first egg on top of the second egg.

And now you have a little egg with a pouch to hide a treat.

I found these little chocolate chicks at Aldi {20 for $1.95}

But those little fluffy chickens would be cute, or even just an Easter message.

Hand out to all your friends. Peek a boo.

I thought they looked a little plain at first so we glued sequins on top. Totally optional.

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