Monday, March 11, 2013

Pamper Party

Last year I put a bit more effort into the birthday parties.
see Cat Party  Snow Party 

This year I wanted to opt for a little easier.

Miss A had a pizza and pool party a few weeks ago

This week Miss K had a pamper party.

I almost fell over backwards when she suggested this party.

She really isn't interested in clothes or hair or girly things.

Regardless...what the lady wants the lady gets!

In my aim for simple I had a hairdresser friend come and do the kids hair.

My sister was here for support and nails.
{and as a surprise bought all her old jewellery and makeup to give away. Kids were HAPPY!}

I hung some decorations and put out some finger food.

Each princess left with a red box containing:
a shower cap, nail file, sparkly nailpolish and lolly.

All super simple and the entire party cost under $100

A bit of craziness and boredom ensued {only from some girls, some were perfect angels}

so perhaps I should have arranged some facials or other beauty things to do while waiting your turn.

I thought they would happily paint and repaint their nails, sit and chat and do girly things.
Nope even some 12 years olds have short attention spans.

But we made it to the end. Over for another year!

Till next year!

My latest party tip is Friday Afternoon Parties.
Can clean the house and cook while the kids are at school
{as opposed to Saturday Parties where they mess along as I try to clean}
The party really is over and done in 2 hours.
{Saturday parties seem to have the ability to spill overtime by hours}
Then you make The Mr buy takeout for dinner and you rest your feet!

Sewn Paper Garlands inspired by this  Mod Party Circle Photobooth Idea
{I was meant to make circles but ran out of paper}
But basically you run strips of paper through the sewing machine. So easy!

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