Monday, July 8, 2013

FHE Lesson {My Baptismal Covenant}

This is part of the Preparing for Baptism Lessons

Opening Song: Choose the Right Way #160

Opening Prayer:


What is a covenant?

Explain that a covenant is a two-way promise. When you make a covenant with someone, you agree to do certain things and that person agrees to do certain things.

When we choose to be Baptised we will make a Baptismal Covenant.

My Baptism Covenant

I Promise:
To follow Jesus and always remember Him
To serve Him and keep His commandments
To stand as a witness for Him at all times
To love and help others
To repent of my sins

Heavenly Father Promises:
To forgive my sins
To give me the gift of the Holy Ghost
To give me eternal life with Him

{you could prepare these promises on word strips, write them on a whiteboard/chalkboard, hide the strips around the house for children to find, get children to sort them into the two groups etc}

When we take the Sacrament it is to remind us of the covenant we made at baptism. If you are not baptised yet you can prepare by practicing these promises and trying your hardest.

Print each child A Baptismal Covenant to display/glue in a journal/keep somewhere to remind them of when they will be able to make their Baptismal Covenant.  Find it HERE at



Play Keeping Baptismal Covenant Board Game from the October 2006 Friend Magazine.

Or make a similar game of your own.
Using a dice and examples from the game you could move around a game drawn on a whiteboard. OR Get children to stand at a starting line and take a step forward or backwards for each example. Have them make it to a 'finishing line' somewhere in the house

Read the Book of Mormon every day. Move forward 2 spaces.
After arguing with my friends, I ask for their forgiveness. Move forward 1 space.
Instead of participating in family home evening, I watch TV. Move back 2 spaces.
I do kind deeds for my family. Move forward 1 space.
I ignore my mom when she asks me to help make dinner. Move back 1 space.
I earn some money and pay my tithing. Move ahead 2 spaces.
I pick up the newspaper for a sick neighbour. Move forward 1 space.
I hang a picture of a temple in my room and make a goal to go there. Move ahead 1 space.
I say my prayers in the morning and at night. Move forward 1 space.
I ask a friend to turn off bad music. Move forward 1 space.
It’s been a busy day, and I’m tired, so I don’t pray. Move back 2 spaces
{Make up more of your own Good and Bad Choices}

Closing Song: I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus #78

Closing Prayer:

Treat: Move little chocolates/treats/ fruit around the board game and eat when done!
Have a special treat at the end of the finish line of keeping baptismal covenant game when they win

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