Thursday, January 16, 2014

Birthday Tourists

It's not so bad having The Mr's birthday the day before mine.

It often feels like my birthday goes for a week.

This year was exactly that.

Cake and his choice homecooked dinner for his
Breakfast and day out and movies for mine
Grandma babysitting over night which equalled time out for beauty treatments and temple visits
A dinner out with my parents and siblings the night after
A girls night sitting on the deck chillin the next night.

All to celebrate me!

The few times I've travelled to meet up with the Mr at work locations, I've become a sight seer.
see here Newcastle and Melbourne and America

We look at old buildings, museums, war memorials, forts, gardens, lighthouses, churches.
We read plaques.
We walk and walk and walk and look.

Due to a few reasons we were stuck close to home for our birthdays yet had some time free from kids {yay! for Grandparents!}

So I suggested we be tourists in our own city.

Sometimes we ignore places to visit, or don't look up at the beautiful buildings or take time to explore things that are right in front of us, or don't find as much beauty in the things 5 mins away from the house. Trips to the city entail dragging 4 extra little ones we only see exactly what we came for then head home. I've often just wanted to wander the streets to have a look around..

I decided to put my tourist mindset on and decided that I was going to visit the museums, the churches, the old buildings, the gardens. I was going to wander the streets of my town.

We walked and walked and held hands and pretended we were somewhere exotic :)

And for a few moments it didn't really matter that we were close to home.

We were tourists on a romantic getaway.

Even though we walked for about 6 hours there were lots we didn't see.
I think I shall have to do this again. Well it is our anniversary soon.

What we did see

:: Breakfast at Cliffs Cafe
:: City Hopper Free Ferry
:: Customs House
:: Brisbane City Gardens
:: The Cube at QUT
:: Old Government House
:: Parliament {Parliament  closed due to heightened security - Bikies? but reopening soon}
:: Commissariat Store  {Oldest Building in Brisbane - built by convicts}
we had the museum to ourselves and got a lovely complementary hour long tour from Colin.
:: Museum of Brisbane
:: We tried to get up the Bell Tower at City Hall but all booked out :(
:: Lots of other old interesting buildings
:: Dinner and Movies

I commented that it's amazing how much you can see/do in a day when you don't have to stop for school drop offs, pick ups, and cook dinner. Turns out it is ALOT!

And Our birthday is done for another year!

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