Sunday, February 23, 2014

FHE Lesson {Noah}

Since us adults are studying the Old Testament in Sunday School this year - It reminded me to create some FHE lessons from there in the coming year for the children.

Opening Song: Follow the Prophet #110

Opening Prayer

Scripture: This lesson based on Genesis 6 - 9


Noah ( Gospel Art Picture Kit Picture #102 ) was chosen by God to build an Ark.
The people on earth were very bad. The Lord wanted to flood the earth. Noah and his family listened to God, because of this they were saved. Noah had to work hard to build the ark – it was very big and took 120 years to build! Two of every animal had to fit inside. ( Gospel Art Picture Kit Picture #103 )

Ask children to find toy animals (that you have previously hidden all around the house) and bring them to the ark (I used my fisher price plastic ark – if you don’t have similar make one out of cardboard or have a drawn picture stuck on the wall, or a feltboard) Have children rock the boat while you talk about how long the ark was in the water. Noah and his family and the animals were looked after by God and landed on dry ground eventually. God put a rainbow in the sky as a promise that he would not flood the earth again.

Action Song
Noah built an ark so big (outstretch arms);
He knew just what to do (place finger on side of forehead).
He hammered, sawed, and measured (make motions as indicated)
As he’d been commanded to (nod head).
And Noah called his family (beckon with arm)
To march onto the boat (march quietly in place)—
And, two by two, the animals (hold up two fingers)
Came aboard to float (make floating motion with hands).
The heavy dark clouds gathered (place hands above head),
The rain began to fall (wiggle fingers imitating rain)—
And all the earth was covered (make a sweeping motion with hand and arm);
There was no land at all (turn head from side to side).
The ark just floated safely (make a floating motion with hands)
Many a day and night (put hands together on one side of face),
Until the sun came out again (place arms in a circle above head)
And shone so warm and bright.
And all the water dried right up (cross arms across chest);
Dry land did appear (open arms and extend hands).
Noah’s family gave their thanks (bow head and fold arms)
That God was always near.
(Adapted from a verse by Beverly Spencer.)

Watch Cartoon video - chapter 6 - Noah found at

Closing Song: Quickly I'll Obey #197

Closing Prayer:

Treat:  Marshmallow animals :)


Mallory said...

Thanks for the idea. I'm using this week:-)

Mallory said...

Thanks for the idea. I'm using it this week:-)

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