Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Shell Candles {Tutorial}

There are so many Easter Traditions we didn't get to do this year. Boo!
But we have been doing this one a few years and it made a great Sunday afternoon activity with friends last week. The kids enjoyed burning these at dinner.

:: Egg Candles ::

Cut up any old candles but ensure you keep the wick.

Melt cut candles in a saucepan
Use an old saucepan. It may never be the same, the wax will remain.
We have a really old one the kids play with in the garden

Pour melted wax into egg shells.

Leave to cool.

Before wax sets place/push a small piece of the wick in the middle of the wax.

Hold wick inplace till hard/wick can stand up alone.
Try to keep wick tall and straight away from the walls of the egg.

#note. These are small candles and won't burn for long. During dinner or an Easter devotional only.  Also note the eggshells can/will get hot and if the wick is too close to egg shell it can burn.
Be vigilant and keep watch. Be careful with fire and children.


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