Sunday, July 20, 2014

FHE Lesson {Gratitude}

Opening Song: I am glad for many things #151

Opening Prayer: Child

This lesson inspired from November 2013 Friend Magazine pg 40

Heavenly Father wants us to notice the many blessings He give us.
He wants us to say thank you for all these blessings too.

When we are thankful we feel more happy and grateful and blessed.

Sometimes it can be hard to be thankful because we might take things for granted.

Activity: {choose from below}

List a blessing for every letter of the alphabet
Print this alphabet to write your list on or make your own, write up on a whiteboard/chalkboard

Use an example of something that was a challenge but ended up being something you were grateful for. Even in hard times blessings can help us learn and grow.

Using notes and a jar or similar spend a week writing down daily things that you are grateful for.

Start a gratitude journal/notebook. Write or fill with drawings from younger children.

Think of particular person or time someone helped you and write them a thank you note.

Play Pictionary drawing pictures of things you are grateful for and have everyone guess

Some other Gratitude songs from Childrens Hymnbook:

Thank Thee for Everything #10

I'm thankful to be me #11

A song of Thanks #20 

Thanks to our Father #20

Closing Song: Can a little child like me #9

Closing Prayer:


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