Sunday, September 14, 2014

FHE Lesson {Follow the Saviour}

Opening Prayer: Child


As Christians we are followers of Jesus Christ.
He set many great examples for us to follow.

How can we follow the Saviour?

Have some prepared foot prints and stick them to the ground using bluetak.
At the end of the foot prints have a picture of Christ.

Have each child walk along the foot prints as a follower of Christ.

Pre-prepare word strips or write on the foot prints as you go some of the following things:
{for smaller children you can place pictures of these items next to the footprint}

IF we are Jesus Disciples we should Love One Another

We must take upon us his name  - Missionary work

The Sacrament is a renewal of our baptismal covenant to always remember him

Jesus organised the church with apostles - we should follow the Prophet in our day

Be Baptised just as He was

Go to the Temple as He did

Help the Sick and Afflicted

Be thoughtful of friends and family


{Add any other attributes of Christ you think of}


Use the footprints (or rope)  to make obstacle course/path to follow through the house/yard

Closing Prayer: Child


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