Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas is Coming...

I'm so happy right now.
November was a really busy and pretty stressful time here.
I had none of my usual prep time needed for Christmas. But all is A OK now.
I'm behind but it doesn't matter.
We've put up the tree and nativity sets.
We've been to a carols with another coming up.
We had beautiful paper advent calendars delivered from Germany which the girls clamour to open each morning.
We've had one spiritual devotional with candles and carols, with more to come - its hard to get the girls in the calm frame of mind but when it happens {when I'm organised and prepared} its so lovely - and nothing beats burning candles in this house :)
We've searched the neighbourhood for lovely foliage to decorate with.
The 2 1/2 m Ikea fabric Christmas Tree hanging in the window like a boss.
I find the little girls under the tree playing with tiny toys early morning and nights
-that makes my heart soar. The tree becomes an anchor which time is spent under all month.
The little games and imaginations that go on. We always need a spot to draw us to.
I sit and look at the tree, house lights low just loving the twinkle emitted.
Its still a crazy time, and nothing is ever perfect, its often loud and noisy,
but snippets of joy are found when I look.

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