Monday, December 15, 2014

FHE Lesson {Nativity Devotional}

I like to hold weekly devotionals on 4 Sundays leading up till Christmas. See HERE 
Some years it doesn't always happen as planned, like this year we've only done one so far.
Here is the idea we used ~ inspired by A Christ Centred Christmas by Emily Freeman

Opening Song: Favourite Christmas Carols

Opening Prayer:


We had our candle wreath burning with four candles and huddled around our table. We listened to youtube videos of some of our favourite Christmas Carols - eg What Child is This?

Talk about some of the characters from the Nativity.
We only did 3 characters this first devotional, and will follow with more in a second one.

Take a moment to consider what it must have felt like when Joseph realized there was no room in the inn. What would YOU have offered Joseph and his family if you had been there? Does Joseph Remind you of Someone you know in need this Christmas?

What was the great joy and good tidings that the angels bought? What would that news have meant to YOU if you were there? How does their announcement create feelings of anticipation today? Discuss our favourite carols/hymns that Testify of Christ. What makes them make you feel so good?

Luke 2:15-18  - The shepherds talked with one another, went as a group, and went with haste to visit Jesus and then spread the word abroad. What can we learn from their amazing example?

Wise Men:
The wise men were privileged to be on a search for Jesus. They also had much spiritual sensitivity to even know to embark on such a journey. What does it mean for us to be like the Wise Men?

Baby Jesus:
The greatest gift ever was wrapped in Swaddling Clothes. Consider this gift. How has your life been blessed because of the birth of Jesus? What are the gifts he gives?

Pondered in her heart the marvels of this first Christmas Miracle. What things do you think Mary Pondered about? What can YOU do to ponder this Christmas? How can we be like Mary at Christmas?

Simeon and Anna:
Consider the lesson of Simeon and Anna.(Luke 2:25-38)
How can we prepare OUR hearts to recognize the Lord?

Closing Song: Favourite Christmas Carols

Closing Prayer: Child

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