Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jacaranda {Family Photos}

Every year during Jacaranda season (about 6 weeks long) I declare I want a family photo under one.

See pasts year offerings here : 2014 , 2013 , 2011 , 2010 ,  2009

Every year time flies and its a half hearted effort, there's no professional photographer and bam the flowers are gone.

This year was mounting up to be the same.

We have many jacaranda's in our streets but most would require the photographer to stand on a very busy road risking their life and there is alot of visual clutter (buildings, electricity lines and poles, signs, carparks, roads etc) but I wanted those photos!

Amid a bit of groaning I convinced the family to go to a nearby area with a few.

Last Christmas we gifted our second daughter a camera. Along with a tripod she made an excellent photographer and lined us up for these shots. Thanks to whomever invented timer button!
Then she came home edited them aswell. It was a great idea to put her in charge.

Family Photographs have never been so easy!

OH except for the midges, the stinky dead possum, lots of prickles and bindis, a swooping magpie, impromptu toilet trips (with no toilet!), and the sun being on the wrong side for most of the jacaranda's (think silhouette/black effect - not the gorgeous purple we wanted) But we survived!!


the funky industrial wall was too good to pass up. I think we ended up with more photos there :)

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