Friday, January 15, 2016

TASMANIA TRIP {Hobart to Strahan}

The drive from Hobart to Strahan is LONG.
It's under 300km but winding and mountainous with 'slow roads'.
And there's pretty much NOTHING the entire way.

One hour out of Hobart our first stop was Russell Falls.

There is a flat pathway the whole way to the waterfall. Easy!
We saw pademelons all over the place. They were cute.

Did you know this waterfall was featured on the FIRST Australian stamp?
 in 1899 the Russell Falls were selected as one of eight images to be used on a set of pictorial postage stamps, aimed at promoting the then colony's growing tourist industry. 
Some of the Worlds Tallest Trees are also found in Tasmania in this area.

^^Crossing Roads that are kinda bridges is fun

Next Stop to break up the day's travel was Tarraleah Power station.
It was pretty interesting. Was a much bigger place in its hey day. There is a information place and a sort of historical village with some of the houses still there. Was a little bit weird but cool! IT was a difficult remote place to live at its time.

^^ Most Exciting part was seeing Echidna's on the side of the road! We passed about 10!
There is only one road through this entire area, so stopping was sometimes difficult. I'm so glad we pulled over to photograph and video this one (there was another but he popped into a ball and rolled off the edge!) as we did not see any more afterwards.

^^This was the view for alot of the day. We also played Eye Spy.
I spy something starting with T. I spy something green. I spy something brown. Answers: Trees!

Third Stop to stretch our legs was THE WALL at Derwent Bridge. We stopped in at an art gallery containing large slabs of huon pine that has been carved into panels telling the story of Tasmania.
No pictures are allowed so I've borrow this one from the website.
The lady was very nice to us and someone that day had bought in a dead quoll. She bought it to the girls so they could see. One fact about Tassie is that there is road kill EVERYWHERE. Every km or two you will see a dead wallaby, wombat, tasmania devil etc. It is a little sad.

JPG Greg at Work

Finally at the end of a long day we reached Strahan.
We were so happy to arrive into the care of John at Strahan Village
We ended with an evening stroll to Hogarth Falls.

^^ The trees made amazing patterns

UP Next: Gordon River and Strahan and Henty Sand Dunes

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