Monday, November 7, 2016

Camping {Bestbrook Mountain Retreat}

Since two family members recently did a long distance walking and basic camping trip and probably couldn't face another so soon we decided to Glamp for ease and comfort.

We booked a cabin and horseriding at Bestbrook mountain retreat

 Bestbrook Mountain Retreat - Maryvale.

Lovely people. Those running the animal feeding, damper making, horse lessons etc were very friendly and approachable and kind to the children and adults alike.

There is a small restaurant there if you forget something/ too tired to cook. We had hot chips twice!

Cabins were well appointed. We forgot clingwrap for a picnic and matches and cooking oil - all there. Every cooking item needed - provided. Had electric frypan, saucepans, slowcooker, bbq etc.
Beds were comfy with good quality sheets and doonas.

Horseriding available for extra cost.

Free daily animal feeding and damper making class.
We got to keep the fresh eggs the kids collected daily. YUM.

Campfires allowed in firepits. {A must for our family}

A creek to muck around in. Sadly wasnt very much water in though.

We took a scenic drive to Queen Mary Falls. This was great - the falls are close to the road and only a short walk to view.

A cattle dog adopted our family. He followed us up a mountain trail walk and stuck by our side and stopped when we stopped then came back to our cabin and dutifully sat outside the entire night. He didnt bark or do anything but let the kids love on him and sit silently by us. I asked the employees and they said that dog always finds one family out of all the campers each week and will choose them and stick to them. It was lovely.


Lots of horses around. IF you dont like horse poo beware!

Camground was a lot more hilly than I expected from perusing website.
Bring bikes for kids to get up and down to animals and main house.
Be prepared to walk alot or drive your car back and forth.

Campsite was a bit too close to the highway for my liking.
Our spot was just far enough away but could still hear traffic occassionally.

Cabins are what I would describe as 1960's scout camp. So definitely an old feel.
Felt they were a tad more expensive than the budget I would prefer, but had everything you need.

Not much shower/toilet amenities for those camping.
There is some but bit of a walk depending where you are camping.

^^ After a 1km steep climb up a dirt road you come to a couch and lookout :) Much appreciated lol

Animal Feeding

Near by locations - Queen Mary Falls.

Horseriding. Kids must do a lesson before being able to do a trail ride. So you have to pay twice :)
Our kids first time on horses. The teachers and horses were gentle and kind.

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