Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crafty Capers

Sorry about the paper - dont want our full names out there!

Last night I finally finished Gabrielle's Baby Cushion. I make one for each of my girls when they are born. I actually finished Gabrielle's stitching part when she was about 2 months old. I don't have a car and there aren't many fabric stores near me, so I never finished it. Visiting my mother in laws the other day she let me raid her scrap fabric. So now it is finished and I can relax!!

Like it? If you would like one similar I am happy to make for you. Perfect baby present or Mothers Day gift. They have the child's full name and birthdate. I have made ones without the I'm a Child of God part too.

Kalani was so happy to see mine that she wanted to make a blanket for her dog. This is what she created. I was inspired to be a nice mum after reading a blog about a crafty lady (she has an online store and she showed things her 4 year old produces - lets just say as good if not better than the work I can do! So I really want my girls to be very self reliant and producers rather than passive takers - so watch out for some more creations from us!


Zanabelle said...

There's no picture of the cushion!

Bobbie said...

yeah I know
blogger went weird and wouldnt let me put photos up

Zanabelle said...

They're so cute! Will Gabby think she got ripped off cos she got blue? :P

Bobbie said...

I loved blue growing up... I swore I would never let my girls wear pink - oh well handme down clothes and the fact the babies look great in pink changed that.. plus kalani's is purple and has blue in it.. it might look pink there... I will admit Anikas is probably cutest - but i got those scraps from a craft group I used to go to... some fancy crafter ladies off cuts

Jan said...

I love it alot. I am an activity day leader and we have plans this Friday to teach the girls how to stitch an I am A Child of God for a picture. They need to learn these skills. So I really think this is great. I am getting together tonight with Janelle. She is at her mom and dads. I look forward to it. I was her Young Woman leader moons ago, and she was a vibrant and loving girl back then. I love her. My parents went to Aussie for their mission. They went to the Brisbane mission. Loved it there. I loved your email. Thanks. It is so fun to hear from those that read and I have wondered who was from Aussie.
I am communicating with a gal from Canada. She has been asking questions about the church. This is a wonderful tool for that. Love the layout and I probably will start checking you out and leaving comments. So beware. Take care and have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
you are an inspiration. these cushsions are beautiful, and a lovely thing for the girls to have as a keepsake. what a wonderful effort you make for you family

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