Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tears of a Mother

Today has been an emotional reflection on being a mother. Early this morning while checking all my favourite blogs quite a few had links to Elder Ballards talk. We don't have conference until next weekend so hadn't heard any of the talks. This talk made me cry. Motherhood is such an important thing and we should all be rewarded for the work we do, yet we must do more. Listen to his talk here. Click Here

Today we baked cupcakes and took them and some juice and fruit down to the local park (We spent all our money at the Movies and Lunch yesterday - so were looking for cheap things to do.) At the park we shared our picnic with a little girl (under 2) and her Grandma. The grandmother said " You are such a NICE mum!" I answered back with "Well, Sometimes".

As it is the local park, I asked which street she lived on. Her son actually lived on the same street as me. Grandma said, Actually I am from Melbourne and the parents are divorced, so the child lives in Sydney with her mother. I fly to Sydney, pick up grandchild, then we fly to Brisbane together. She was such a nice grandmother, but this conversation made me sad, and glad. Glad the Ken and I have it together enough to have a good relationship that we don't have to go to such lengths to see our children. But sad, that Am I really that nice a mother? I really think I can do better, but in her eyes maybe I was a great mother that I had the ability to bake cupcakes and take my kids to the park - I am glad that I am able to stay home with my children while they are young. We don't own a house because of this ( Crazy Prices in Australia) but our children are important to us.

All these motherhood reflections for one day bought tears to my eyes. I love being a mother and I am going to be better at it.

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Frumpy Luv said...

Me too, and me too. Fantastic talk - loved every minute of it (even with three kids literally crawling over me on the living room carpet!!)

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