Monday, April 7, 2008

Widgets.. well now I know what they are..

This morning I was looking at different templates to change the look of my blog. Blogger only has like 12 different layouts you can have. I was scrolling thru Pyzam which has 1000's. Side note here, why are Blog Layouts so UGLY!!! After scrolling thru like 500 I found about 4 I liked.. anyway, found one, embedded the code into my blogger all good - then it askes me if I am happy for my widgets to be deleted or changed or something....

Widgets? What are Widgets? So I google it get an answer, which I think doesnt apply to my blog so I upload the new template and find that everything on the side bar is gone - So I now know that Widgets are anything I have put on, photos etc anything I manipulated on my blog - so there you go... sorry to anyone who wanted the recipes or any of my fantastic side bar information ;) OH and I didn't like the new look so went back to the old one till I find one I like - so all that for NOTHING!

Just so you all know - Widgets.... it is all their fault!

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