Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Could I be a Gardener?

So there are many benefits from being able to create life - as in plants, fruit, vegetables etc. Those who are gardeners learn many things and can understand life and God. I feel very jealous of those who can garden successfully. I was inspired by this blog My happy little life on square foot gardening.... I really want to try this. I will do a little more research, but to be able to just pick what you need for a salad, or even to have some flowers growing would be wonderful.

This is a photo of the only flowers that grow at our house. We did not plant them, nor do we water them or do anything to them except cut the hedge back when it grows too big. We enjoy them alot and eat dinner right next to them (except when it is too cold to eat outside) We do have lots of lovely hedges amd bushes, so we do have green - lucky they are hardy, because we don't do anything to them either.

Gardening tips anyone? In a rental?


Jan said...

Bobbie I love this. So many have asked me how to plant a garden with little space. I am posting this information on my blog right now. Its a perfect solution.
Thanks. And good luck with the gardening.

Robert said...

It's a great idea and works really well. You could use your front verandah or the front lawn. At the moment I have oakleaf lettuce growing in an oblong plastic plant pot. Great just go and pick what you want and they keep coming. It is surprising what you can do in a small space. Bring it on. Love xxx Mum C.

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