Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Done in 2 hours

well it might have been less, but I did it in 10 mins here and there... in one day!! I am so proud of myself... so here is our QUIET FAMILY > based on US!

Idea from Simply Stork . Enjoy making your own.


Anonymous said...

I love this Bobbie!
I looked at the link to stork and I wanted to make them for myself (or for the kids) also. You are so organised, I have been thinking about it for weeks, but haven't even started a plan!
I'd love to know if they keep the children quiet!
PS it is our school fete coming up soon so thankyou for craft sites which have given me ideas for things to make for the craft stall!

Mechelle said...

You are fast. I might try this even though my kids are older. m

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