Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day Loot

After seeing Jan's post on her mothers day loot, thought I would share too..

Lindt chocolate - only because they know I share - and dang my kids with their expensive taste - I think I got 3 of those balls in the end.

A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle - I have been watching the oprah and eckhart online classes HERE - but had to stop due to using too much download - they were awesome - I loved it as 80% of the stuff he is spouting I could relate right back to my religion!! Click here for SPIRTITUAL ENLIGHTMENT So my husband picked up on it after quoting non stop from the videos and thoughtfully got me the book..... but the book is a different story - OOOHHHHH my head.... is hurting from thinking tooo much.... the language is deep and philosophical!! So I could be with this book for a while.

Brush - I am always brushing hair, always squealing going on... so this is a super dooper brush - ions, gel pad handle etc etc and the girls say it doesn't hurt as much, so the claims on the label must be true.

Hairclips - Anika refused to buy me stuff I wanted (Ken went with a list) so after daddy talking her out of buying me shoes (I think for shoes, you have to try them on - plus she is the one that LOVES buying shoes - hmmmm interesting)she settled on the brush and hairclips. And she even got lost from Daddy by hiding in the clothes at Target, so poor daddy was very worried. He went on two separate Daddy daughter dates, two weekends in a row - to get this stash for me - and all I wanted was a heart shaped necklace or a locket..... hmmmmm, apparently he couldn't find the ones I circled in the junk mail :)

I got LOTS of homemade cards from school and home. They were sooo cute.

I also enjoyed a wonderful dinner cooked by my sister for our extended family. She did a very good job. I wish I had taken some photos, I will post the one of me at the end of the day - lying down on a massager blanket - the present to my mum from us kids.


Jan said...

You did score a loot. How fun was that.. I am glad that you had some chocolate in there. That is always a nice touch. Love the A new earth idea. I will check it out. Take care Bobbie.

Frumpy Luv said...

ummm chocolate, ummm massager blanket - sounds like a great mother's day all around!

Mechelle said...

You are generous. I hid my mother's day chocolate. I did share a little with each one of my kids, but not much.

Jim tried to read, "A New Earth" and said it was good, but hard to understand. I have not yet picked it up. Have you read it for your book club?

Wish I could find a brush that does not hurt so much! Let me know what you think! Happy Mother's day. M

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