Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother by any other name would be as sweet

I recieved this card in the mail today.

from this girl

It is things like this that make me glad I am a homestay mum. I have had around 20 other "children" the past 4 years. It says Dear Bobbie - you are my mother of Australia. I love you! Have a good Mothers Day. Yuko stayed with our family at the end of last year and over christmas she will always be in our memories.

This card came at perfect timing, as just this morning at Mothers Group, I was saying I was feeling guilty for not having another child. AT the present moment my husband has decided he is too old to have more kids (thats what I get for marrying an old man :):) we can't really afford a new (bigger) car, we don't have a house yet and will probably need me to work part time to be able to afford one, and by having 3 girls we feel complete, and hope that they remain close friends as they are (kinda) close in age... and what if it was a boy... POOR THING!!

So through this card I am able to realise that I am a mother to many, and that I can extend my love to more than just my own offspring. Last year we had a few students that will have a place in our hearts and we also had two canadian backpackers (young men from our church - so they were safe :) live in our loungeroom for a month. I love to babysit and see my nephews. I love to mother you all.

So to all my children - Yuko, Kyra, Tatiana, Kang Tae, Rachel, John, Eiji, Antonio, Yukari, Shoto, Sho, Mehdi and many more... THANKS for making me the Mother that I am!


Frumpy Luv said...

You are such a good homestay mom!! I think I would be a horrible one - but glad you got over the guilts. Guilt is no good.

Jan said...

That is so awesome Bobbie. I love that you are so generous in your surroundings. You are truly affecting alot of lives. The card is adorable and that girl that sent it is adorable and you are adorable. That is alot of adorable.

Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness for that! decision made!
there are plenty of opportunities for mothering without giving birth!

Karyn aka: Flame said...

Please come and mother my children any time you like. If you want to give, I am willing to accept. Please take them for a craft session, I try my hardest not to do craft so the boys miss out. Begging you to mother my children.

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