Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Prayer for a Burmese family

Have been in sad discussions with a friend who is Burmese. She actually just returned from a holiday there only a week ago. She returned just in time to miss the kaos that is happening right now. But she is worried for her family. They live on the top floor of an apartment building. Their roof was ripped off during the cyclone. They are lucky they lived and were able to telephone their daughter.

But those who survive must live through difficult times. Her mother is depressed and sad, having never seen anything like this her whole life. They are running out of food, they have no water. The rainy season is one month away. If all is not fixed soon, it will only get worse.

We had tears in our eyes. I said there must be something we can do. Can we get money to them, can we get them out of the country, even if it is to a neighbouring one for a little while. Her mother said money is nothing now. The small shops are all closed, if you owned a shop – wouldn’t you keep all the food for your own family? The water is contaminated.

All these things bought quickly to my remembrance why we need food storage. If we but store a little food and a LOT of water – you could survive. Even water purification tablets would be handy right now – the family is surrounded by water, but water that is not safe to drink. Giving them money will not help, and the Burmese government can not be given money as they will keep it for themselves. They cannot leave the country as most Burmese are not allowed visas or passports. We must hope that some aid agencies get in and help the people.

It is times like this you wish you could just charter a helicopter and drop off food and water to a little family on the top floor apartment without any roof.

I said to my friend I would pray for her family. Pray that they survive.


Karyn said...

How typically christian of you to dedicate your personal blog to humanitarian aide. As a non christian it is a timely reminder to remember my place in this world and appreciate our fortune. Thank you for bringing a story to my attention that now makes me only 2 degrees of separation away from this very real tragedy.

Zanabelle said...

There is a link on where you can donate money and support the victims of the cyclone Myanmar (Burma).

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