Thursday, June 5, 2008


My brother and Sister in Law and little one are currently in the USA visiting family and friends.... and I am jealous

So I thought I would post some pictures of myself when I did a church sites tour across the USA 3 years ago... YEEEHAHHH!!

Salt Lake Temple
Christus - Temple Square
This is the Place Monument
Vermont - Birthplace of Joseph Smith
Hill Cumorah Monument
Sacred Grove - Wall - Limit of Smith Land
Smith A Frame House
Niagara Falls
John Johnson Home - J.S Preached from those steps
Liberty Jail
Adam Ondi Ahmen
Nauvoo Temple - Can you see me? -on the steps
St George Temple
Santa Barbara Sunset at the End of our Trip

Oh I so want to go back and do it at my own leisure and not pushed here and there on a bus!! Anyone want to fund my new trip??

for a blow by blow description of a church sites tour and with lots more pictures read it here at My TravelBlog and click next about 5 times to get the whole lot!!


Jan said...

You have seen more of the USA than I have. I love all of those sites and some our on my wish list. Come visit anytime. Beautiful pictures too... I loved your hair.

Mechelle said...

Make sure you stop by the Grand Canyon on your next trip. You can stay with us. M

Frumpy Luv said...

Was that really three years ago??!! That's right - we were all traveling back at the same time when Ezrie was just a little baby and we had that typhoon happen!! That was crazy!

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