Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Queen for a Day

Conversation with kids on the way home walking...

Friend : It is a holiday on MOnday

My kids: What for mum?

Me: It is the Queens Birthday

My Kids : What for? Who is the Queen? We don't have a Queen

Me: (appalled) Why of course we do (Trying to fix any wrongs in my childrens upbringing - my husband is a royalist :) and even has a few special mags with the queen etc in it)

Me: The Queen of England her name is Elizabeth she is our Queen too (This they loved as they have an Aunty Elizabeth!!)

So this got me thinking.... I see all these wonderful holiday crafts on the internet and people who celebrate lots of different holidays... and I thought since we cant afford to/ didnt organise to go away on the long weekend... why not do some Queen crafts???

So for anyone else who wants something to do on Monday here is a list of links for you.

Toilet Paper Roll Queen
Kings and Queens craft
Kids Craft Weekly Royal Edition very good ideas!!

Pin the Crown on the Frog Game
play with a castle
Bake Cookies in a crown shape
Make/Buy a Treasure Chest and fill with goodies and jewels
Make Crowns out of Pipe cleaners - I have done this before very effective.
If you have lots of cardboard boxes - you could attempt to build a castle

have high tea - scones, pikelets, cakes all cut into small pieces and served

Hope you all Enjoy the Queens Birthday on Monday!!


Jan said...

The toilet paper roll Queen about did me under. I had to chuckle. What will they think of next?

Way to play Queen for a day!!

Mechelle said...

Love your craft ideas. AGAIN. U R The Best! Don't want to let it out that I am ignorant about the Queen's Birthday but I was with your daughter. Who is the Queen? Now I know and we will celebrate thanks to your gr8 blog. M

Frumpy Luv said...

Bobbie - I think we will have to celebrate this in a truly Australian fashion - a BBQ w/friends.

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