Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garden Challenge - Unplug your kids

Had no problems with this weeks unplug your kids challenge. The word was Garden. We live in an inner city area and have a very small garden. I have seen many mamma bloggers out there making fairy gardens with their kids - so I knew this is what we would do straight away.

We collected all our toys that would suit a fairy garden (and a dinosaur garden) I printed out some nice fairy's from here to be coloured in and laminated. We stuck iceblock sticks on the back of them so they could be stuck into the ground.

Along with a neighbour the kids had fun all afternoon moving their fairy garden all around our yard. An enjoyable garden activity - cause we don't have green thumbs here ;)
Colouring the Fairies
Laminating - they were excited with this bit
Building a fairy garden in a pot plant
Garden 1
Garden 2 - down the overgrown side of the house
Garden 3 - see the dino's?
The only way to end a play in the garden - A picnic!

This weeks challenge - "Sky"


Jan said...

Christmas in July thing, cracked me up a little.

Cute Fairy idea. Mattie thought it was really cute. Way to keep them unplugged.

So Smrt said...

Oh, that's so beautiful! I'll be doing a fairy garden with my little one soon...I'm sure you saw the one that unplugged did. I feel happy just thinking about it.

Michie said...

Very cute fairy gardens! :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all these fairy gardens! That dino garden is very fun. I especially like garden #3.

Making the laminated figures is a very original addition. Glad you had fun!

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