Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christmas In July

Do you know how many weeks it is until christmas?

(or 175 sleeps, 12 hours, 35 minutes & 7 seconds)

Do you get paid fortnightly? That equals only 13 pay days - do you have more than 13 presents to buy? Then you better start buying one or more a week!! ISN'T THAT SCARY!!! It scares me.

Are you organised??

Some years I have been organised and some years not - and that's OK, but this year I think I am going to try and be ready!!

In the month of July I am going to be posting on having an Organised christmas, Christmas Traditions, Advent Ideas, Home made gifts, Home made decorations and will be having a give away every week!!!

So Christmas Here we come!!!

The first give away is the above block Christmas sign Handmade by me (and wood cut out by my dad - thanks dad) each block is around 4cm square. Sorry to all my overseas reader - this one is too heavy to send in the mail so will be open to Australian residents only. Tell me why you love christmas in the comments or by email. Winner chosen by next week, in time for the next give away. Good luck!!


Zanabelle said...

What a good idea Bobbie! I'll have two babies this Christmas - how exciting! Now I guess I better get organised :P

I love Christmas because everyone is focused on their families. No one expects you to be anywhere other than with your family. Which means no one can call my husband and make him go to meetings or help mow someones lawn :P

I wish I could say that I love Christmas because it's the one time our family can all be together, but we don't even get that. There's too many of us all over the world! Maybe one day we'll have a Christmas with the whole family, that would be awesome!

Mechelle said...

I am overseas so I can't play, but I just wanted to say what a great idea this is. I love Christmas and need to get ready for it now.

I do a lot of my shopping after Christmas. So I have a lot already done.

Also we do handmade Christmas. So everyone on my list gets at least one handmade gift.

That is one thing I love about Christmas; making gifts. Giving part of myself to others.

Family, food, time together.

I love the feeling on Christmas morning when the stories are closed and the streets are empty, everyone is at home and the world feels like it has slowed down for one day. That is most likely my favorite part of the holiday. M

Eowyn said...

I love Christmas because it means plenty of Pavlova!!! It's the only time of year that I make it. I've been pregnant twice during the Christmas season and it just wasn't the same having to go without my beloved Pav. I know, it sounds silly doesn't it!

Zanabelle said...

Eowyn - why do you have to go without pavlova when you're pregnant??

Eowyn said...

Zanabelle - Just saw your question. I know it's not good to eat uncooked/barely cooked eggs or things that have eggs in it. For me that includes pavlova. I know the likelyhood of getting some sort of food poising is very slim but i'm a bit of a worry wart! Just ask the doctor/midwife when you next see them if your worried (I hope I haven't worried you!)If they say it's fine to eat let me know!

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