Friday, June 13, 2008


My lovely mother took me to Ikea today inbetween the girls sports carnival (entry coming soon)

I never eat hot dogs except when I go to Ikea there is just something about having a hot dog there... we laughed... we are a cheap date - hot dogs and drinks all of $5!! Well that's if you don't count all the money we spent in IKEA ;)

I could spend all day in IKEA

And these are the birthday gifts I stayed up late making - Kalani has two parties this weekend - I tell ya reading blogs is bad for you, as I enjoy reading ones from homeschooling mums, montessori mums, crafty mums, everything homemade mums, toy ban mums etc... I have fallen in love with giving gifts of time and homemade presents... except try telling that to myself at 10:30 at night as I just "whip up" personalised bags and homemade notepads to go with some pens........ hmmmmmm.....

go to angry chicken for a article on making gifts.


Anonymous said...

it is so good to see homemade and hand crafted. THese skills are disappearing from society. today i was in the dry cleaners, and I saw another kindy Mum who was dropping off her daughters school dress to have the hem fixed. What? she paid someone for a few stitches? amazing!
we need to teach our kids to make and fix things too!

Frumpy Luv said...

I heart ikea too - but we don't have one =(!

Jan said...

There is nothing like homemade and I am so glad that you are teaching your girls that skill. It is a lost art, but I do see it coming back. Things are expensive and people will need to live more simply. So I am really glad you are enjoying all those things. Your so good at it..

Mechelle said...

I always try to give homemade gifts. They are best and so are you. M

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