Saturday, June 14, 2008

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle Bubble Gum
Watch out Kids, Here we come
North, South, East, West
Perkins Perkins are the best
P, E, R, K, I, N, S,
What does that spell?


Perkins Perkins is the best
You can be our second place guest
We are here to win today
So Lewis and Freeman better pray!

Lewis Lewis in the bin
Freeman Freeman further in
Perkins Perkins on the top
We are here to squash the lot!!

These are the 3 warcries that the girls have been practicing all week.... Nice and friendly aren't they?? Well they paid off in the end as their team won!!! The teams are named after Olympians from our area.

Their school is so small they got to have their sports day in a stadium!! very lucky.... except that grandma and I spent all day chasing Gabrielle!!

Obviously my girls aren't very competitive (they are at home, so I dont get why they werent at school) as Anika got closed in by two runners (not on purpose - the little kids just dont know how to run straight) so she just jogged slowly behind and came almost last in the race - she didnt want to push past or go around the other girls..

And Kalani was chatting to the girl beside her as she jogged along!! Oh well they were happy with their participation ribbon and their crazy mother shaking blue pom poms and yelling that they run towards her while she took photos... glad they arent embarrrassed of me yet... actually I ended up doing this for a few kids whose mums work and couldnt make it.... Oh young kids still love their mums to embarrass them.... I better enjoy it while I can :)
Blue Hair Too!!
Had to search the house for enough blue!!
Go Perkins
Keep Coming.. Keep Coming..
What Grandma spent all day doing..
My little Champion
My other little champion


Jan said...

Way to go Perkins. Love all the blue.

We had a restaurant called Perkins in our state. All I could think about was their pie as I read this.

Frumpy Luv said...

This sounds like so much fun - your girls are so cute!

Mechelle said...

Go Blue! Love the hair. You are such a good mom. Glad you were there to get the photos.

My kids still like me being around at things like this. I guess I have not embarrassed them too badly...yet. m

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