Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's all a bit cultured

Had a lovely afternoon today... we had an enrichment activity at the Art Gallery. We had a tour guide and all.... I invited a friend (mother from school) to go with me and we caught the ferry into town and walked to the Art Gallery.

What a lovely afternoon to be without the kids... and adult conversation - oh my!! and what? intellectual stimulation - well that is just too much isn't it??

One of the artists being featured at the moment is Sidney Nolan Here are some of his works Our guide was very knowledgable and fun. I liked her story about a famous painting of the first Jacarandah Tree See pic here as sailors traded seeds in each port Australia has many trees/flowers not native to Australia..... now 100 years later when it is Jacarandah blooming time Jacarandah buds are sprinkled under the painting mysteriously each year by an unknown person.... oooooohhhhhhh.....

Then we had afternoon tea supplied by our lovely enrichment leaders... the caramel slice was sooo good. I didn't want to go home and wanted to keep looking at the lovely paintings... but alas had to rush off as darling husband had to work... on saturday night :(

I am just becoming too cultured....
On the ferry
Joy in Life
"RiverBend" 360 degrees circular painting - very cool
Afternoon Tea view


Frumpy Luv said...

We miss this beautiful city!! And the citycats!!!! And afternoon tea (it just doesn't happen over here) Waaaaaahhhhhh!!! =)

Jan said...

I would love to go to something like that.

I love that picture of you on the boat, with the city in the background. That just looks so cultured. Like what the rich would only be doing on a Saturday.

Is it still warm there right now?

Mechelle said...

What a great day. Love the art. We have Jacarandah here in AZ. They are beautiful. You have inspired me to seek out more culture in my life.

Thanks to you I am also going to my book club. The first meeting was a little bit of a let down because the book was not good. But your comment about how much you love your book club made me give it another try and now I really love the time I spend at book club and getting ready for book club (reading the book). Thanks for inspiring me to reach outside myself and become more cultured. M

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