Monday, June 16, 2008

Klappar Plocka - Plastic Challenge

The Challenge from Unplug Your Kids for last week was plastic... I actually googled plastic crafts on the net.... and only found two I liked - Plastic cup flowers and Bottle Fish .... I thought we might have to think up something ourselves but a trip to Ikea gave me the answer... KLAPPAR PLOCKA

Stick little beads on pegboards
Younger girls gave up - too hard for them... Kalani got tweesers to help her
Iron your creation
Finished Product

and since we made the plastic cup flowers I will include the picture tutorial too..

Cups, pipecleaners, buttons, crayons
Colour inside of cup with crayon
Thread button through pipecleaner
cut strips into cup, then push flat
Cut a hole, thread pipecleaner through - Enjoy your flowers!!


Frumpy Luv said...

I have to repeat that i love me some IKEA!! I hadn't seen the klappar plocka - this looks like a lot of fun!

Jan said...

My daughter love that plastic. It really is endless play.

Glad you have a fun time and those flowers are very creative.

Gottfredsen said...

great project. My son loves doing them as well. We have found alot of different projects for those beads at walmart, incase you are interested. Love the flowers to by the way.

Michie said...

My three year old was asking me what those little beads were in the craft store yesterday. Glad I didn't try them - they look like fun, but too hard for her. I like the plastic cup flowers! Very cute. :)

Kate in NJ said...

Neat project!

Tina said...

So creative! I love the flowers.

Heather said...

I love the cup flower idea!

Anonymous said...

Fun projects!

Mechelle said...

I am going to go look for my pipecleaner! The flowers are so cute.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are very clever, and they look like fun too.

My kids have come home from friends' houses with those bead creations before, but I have never actually seen how they are made. Thanks for enlightening me!

Anonymous said...

That's what we did too, but we call them perler beads or fuse beads. I bought most of ours from Ikea as well. My favorite of your creations is the heart.

reprehriestless warillever said...

The flowers are very cute.
We have some stray cups that came with the house that we should use up on a project like that.

Anonymous said...

Bobbie, I have that container of beads from Ikea, but where did you get the boards and the plastic wrap cover stuff? Ikea too? Let me know


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