Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas in July - Homemade Gifts

And the Winner from last weeks giveaway - Mechelle (and I feel so sad that there can only be one winner that I am going to make some more for a few of you guys!!)

Now as pointed out to me by my sister in law (you know who you are Karyn!!) She was nervous to give my daughter a birthday present thinking I have gone all crazy in the head and will only accept homemade things ( I am not that much of a politically correct/greenie/childhood dream destroyer) we do have toys at our house ;)

BUT ANYWAY..... here is a list of links to some handmade gift ideas that could be used as gifts for the holiday season for those that might be interested...

Some gifts I might make my daughters for christmas (sorry for the lack of really boyish things - I only have girls =)
Hand dyed Play Silks
Peg Dolls in a pouch
Magnetic Menu and Play food
Mermaid Tails to fit any doll
Betsy McCall Paper Doll Printables
Wooden Block Puzzle I think using a family photo would be cool!
Name Pillow
Personalised I spy Book
Match Box Books
Garden sticks and a garden to go with it ;)
Toddler Activity Bags
Ice Cream Parlour
Pencil Rolls
Tutu how to

Gifts for school friends and/or the whole class
Christmas Pencil Toppers I have already started on mine!
Felt Christmas Book marks
Memory Game
Post it Notepads clip Folder
Pencil Rolls
Home made Books
Covered Notebooks

Enjoy - and this is all reminding me that I need to start my Christmas stuff - I have been too busy making stuff to give away!!

1 comment:

Mechelle said...

I AM SO EXCITED! I won something! Are you sure it was me? WOW! Thanks, And thanks for the links also! WONDERFUL. M

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