Monday, July 14, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

It is the last day of the Winter school holidays.... so next monday my muffin tin monday by sycamore stirrings will be small - just for my 2 year old - maybe I will have to do muffin tin saturday or sunday so the big girls can be included (they are the ones most excited by it)

Top Tin:
toothpicks, Cheese Quesedillas, birthday cake
apple, milk, straws
Bottom Tin:
Strawberries, Roast Beef, Cheese, Chive and onion crackers
broccoli, ceasar dressing, broccoli,apple
apple,tiny teddies, cheese, strawberries

big girls and neighbour tucking in..

Someone posted on Sycamore Stirrings that they would like to see some after shots - here is mine after the two year old mixed all the leftovers together, a ceasary, cheesy, milky mess

1 comment:

katy said...

GREAT after shot! Thanks for the super post. I'm off to add you to the list :)

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