Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fragility of Life

This week I have been reminded on so many fronts that life can be fleeting and that at best it is fragile. That I need to scoop up my little ones and hug them and hold them close to my heart. We are only on earth for a short time - and that life does extend beyond here - in that we can have peace - but at the same time we must savour what we have here and to spend our time giving sharing and loving one another.

I have been touched by Mattie's Loss of her best friend in a car accident, Frumpy's upcoming brain tumour surgery, NieNie's long and slow recovery and setbacks, Carol's one in a million reaction after having a baby (losing her legs and arms) and I am sure there are many others of you out there in quiet suffering right now. Click on the above links I am sure these people could use some prayers on their behalf.

And then there is the one that hit close to home this week. I hope Zan doesn't mind me posting about her story, she had to live through the pain while we all sat back anxious and worried waiting for good news.

Basically her waters broke on Wednesday and she went to the hospital. Through various reasons the baby wasn't born until 2am Saturday. Baby Lilah was born not breathing and with no heart rate. My brother said it was the longest 2-3 minutes of his life as they were ignored and all the hospital workers surrounded their baby pumping her chest and trying to keep her alive - but it worked and she lived. She has spent 3 days in intensive care but she is alive and well.

A few hours after the birth Zan complained of a lot of pain - She was taken for an ultrasound and they found a hole in her uterus. During the operation they found the uterus to be in too bad a shape to be fixed. She needed to have it removed. We were so frightened for her life and our family said many a prayer for both Zan and baby Lilah. Miss 5 said the most simplest, pure prayer that they both may be healed and well. Tears welled in our eyes.

Not only the emotional pain of not being able to have children anymore, a few days after the operation while I was visiting she was in intense pain. Having not eaten for a few days (nil by mouth) and with blood loss and pain she looked very ill. The doctors were able to take out the fluid tubes and get her some pain meds to help in this unusual pain she was having.

As of today everyone is doing much better and I know they will recover slowly but surely and that we will be able to visit and hold little baby Lilah. I can't wait for the day to hold her, as now my little one is getting bigger, I can't wait to wrap my arms around little Lilah I need a baby fix!- We have been looking forward to her arrival for months - we just didn't think it would be such a dramatic one!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments after I mentioned in my last post- and Holly give me some details so I can contact you!! I made this post for you :)


Mechelle said...

I am so sorry that it was such a traumatic arrival for this strong little angel. My son's birth was very traumatic and I was told, that if he lived, he would never walk or talk. He is now 11 years old and has a black belt in TKD and talks non stop. I am glad he lived to proved them wrong.

I am sorry your sister in law can not have anymore children. But maybe this will open some doors they would not have looked behind any other way. My adopted children and precious jewels to me.

There is a plan. Our Father in Heaven knows this plan and knows the blessing that will come from this experience. Thanks for sharing this story. M

Frumpy Luv said...

I am so behind in blogging - but this post is so sweet and heart felt. So sorry to hear about the circumstances accompanying this sweet baby. There are so many thing happening out there!! God's hand is in all things, though.

Jan said...

This really does break another piece of the heart. What a little story of sadness. I am so very sorry that someone has to go through something like this. It would be the hardest thing when it involves children of your own. And then knowing you can't have more.

I loved what Mechelle said about the plan. It is an answer. I will prayer for peace and understanding and strength for your family. Take Care Bobbie. And you do a great job with your family. They know that you love them alot... :)

Anonymous said...

Bobbie thankyou so much for posting. I'm crying.

Please email me when you can
soft.sweetpea at gmail dot com

xo H

Dee Light said...

What a moving post. Life is sooo fragile. So often we take that for granted. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for all we have, and to take time to pray for those who may be suffering.

~Bobbi~ said...

Bobbie, I clicked on some of those links. I don't think I've cried so much in a long time. I needed it. I need to be reminded time to time, how life is a blessing. How every moment is a gift from God.

Kris said...

Our lives are so blessed that I think we forget that we walk in the valley of the shadow of death when we have a baby. Lilah's great outcome proves the blessing of living in these times.

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