Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Toddler Art Group

This week we did String Painting inspired by The Artful Parent

Unfortunately I think this one was above their level or maybe not interesting enough. Two or three of the older children understood what to do but most gave up after a minute or two and went and got the paint brushes.

Finished Product


Mechelle said...

Nice that you had the paint brushes as a back up.

I got the package today! I am so excited. The kids loved it! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! Especially the cookies. Thanks. I will post about it tonight. m

Becky said...

Hi Bobbi,

Read your comment about my muffin tin and never hearing of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. You have to find that book, it is so clever in the description of food and weather, we just love it.

I almost did Alexandar and the Terible, Horrible, no good, very bad Day, when at the end he decides that"Even in Australia" things might be the same. I thought of your cute Aussie(is that the appropriate term) muffin tin and the fairy bread(which I had never heard of). Have a great day!

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