Monday, September 29, 2008

Fruit Challenge - Unplug Your Kids

At first I couldnt really think of anything for the fruit challenge for Unplug Your Kids but by the end of the week a few things came to mind

I had so many oranges we made orange iceblocks twice this week

Then I remembered about Pomander Balls made from Oranges and Cloves (which I had both!!) I found some really good instructions here It is a good idea to start these early for Christmas as they take 4 weeks to dry out. And as it is humid here at Christmas they could go mouldy so best to make them now in Spring

Make holes with a skewer then insert clove (you will get sore fingers if you dont)

There was plenty of work for everyone to do

Even Miss 2 wanted in on the action (wearing the bob the builder dress up!)

Once Orange is covered in cloves place in a bag with cinnamon and nutmeg and shake

Place in stocking, fruit bag or similar and hang in cool dark place for 2-4 weeks

We made strawberry and marshmallow skewers to take to the park with friends


We had a pretty fruity week afterall :)

Next Weeks Challenge: TBA


The Sugar Fairy said...

I went shopping this morning and guess what I bought? Whole cloves to do the orange clove thing (but i'll do it a little closer to christmas, I bought them to remind me), I also bought strawberrys and marshmellows! It's going to be a great FHE treat tonight. You have great ideas, thanx :)

Linds said...

Fun ideas, those fruit kabobs look tasty!

juliekintaiwan said...

Mmmmm, so many yummy projects!

Gottfredsen said...

Some very yummy projects you have. I am really going to have to make the orange pops with the boys, after all we live in florida. Everywhere you turn there is orange trees. Thanks for sharing.

teachingtinytots said...

what yummy fun!

So Smrt said...

Very cute pictures...they're so intent on getting those cloves pushed in! Good for fine motor skills.


Nature Mama said...

I love making pomanders at Christmas time :) They smell so good! Great projects.

Shawna said...

Mmmm I love oranges and cloves! What a great idea. I have to confess that I can't quite wrap my head around getting ready for xmas during spring. My head might explode if I tried too hard to think of it a summer holiday as you know it. Do you still have to send out cards with warm little santas sleighing through the snow...? I'm meeting more and more aussis through blogs and it stretches my brain in all sorts of new ways :O)

The Clarks said...

My boys would love those fruit kabobs! I'll have to go buy some marshmallows.

NaturesWayMom said...

I thought about doing the Pomander Balls but didn't have the supplies on hand. We are definitely going to need to make some for the holidays... they smell so good. Fun projects.

School for Us said...

What great fruit projects!!! I'm hoping to start doing the challenges again this week. Now, to think of something "white." :-)

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